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The New Indian Express is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper published by the Express Publications and based in Chennai. It was founded in 1932 as the Indian Express, under the ownership of Chennai-based P. Varadarajulu Naidu. In 1991, following the death of the then owner Ramnath Goenka, the Goenka family split the group into two separate companies. Initially, the two groups shared the Indian Express title, and editorial and other resources. But in 13 August 1999, the northern editions, headquartered in Mumbai, retained and renamed Indian Express as The Indian Express, while the southern editions became The New Indian Express. Today, the two newspapers and the two companies are separate entities. The newspaper is known for its intrepid and anti-establishment tone. Express Publications (Madurai) Limited publishes the The New Indian Express from 21 centres in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Orissa.

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Sunday,All Days
Booking Deadline
2 day prior to release date
Minimum Size
4cms (W) x 4cms (H)

Discount Packages

TNIE (All Tamil Nadu)
Rs. 1300 / sqcm Book Now
All Tamilnadu (TNIE+DINA)
Rs. 1960 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE (All Karnataka)
Rs. 810 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE + KP (All Karnataka)
Rs. 1050 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE (All Kerala)
Rs. 450 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE (All Andhra Pradesh)
Rs. 500 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE (All Orissa)
Rs. 410 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE + DINA (Chennai)
Rs. 1290 / sqcm Book Now
Coimbatore (TNIE+DINA)
Rs. 480 / sqcm Book Now
Madurai (TNIE+DINA)
Rs. 2250 / sqcm Book Now
TNIE (Vijayawada+Vishakhapatnam+Tirupathi+Hyderabad)
Rs. 925 / sqcm Book Now
Trichy - (TINE + DIN)
Rs. 180 / sqcm Book Now
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The New Indian Express Main Newspaper

The New Indian Express is one of the most popular newspapers of India. It has been growing as a popular publication steadily among the Indian readers.  Even circulation wise The New Indian Express has been gaining momentum. releaseMyAd being an INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accredited organisation is authorized to enable all advertisers to book Display advertisements in The New Indian Express. In The New Indian Express, Display Ads are measured in terms of the ad size calculated in per sq. cm unit.  All display ads need to be booked 3 days before the preferred publishing date to successfully get it published in The New Indian Express.

How To Book an Ad in The New Indian Express Main Newspaper

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Please know  that classified matrimonial adverts are published based in the special classified section of matrimonial ads in The New Indian Express. In order to review the packages for booking matrimonial ads in The New Indian Express, please visit the TOI Matrimonial Ad Rates page. You can choose from any of the packages provided for matrimonial advertising in the preferred newspaper. You can take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial, to get complete assistance with the online ad booking process online ad releaseMyAd.

In case the packages are not suitable as per your requirement, then you can also proceed by choosing the preferred edition or location. As soon as you choose the package or the edition, you can create and design your advert with the help of the ad enhancements and sample adverts. After you are done with the ad creation, you must specify the ad release dates and then proceed to the payment page.

You can make your payment through our online or offline payment mediums as per your convenience. The payment options are as listed below:

Online Methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • NEFT (Online Wire Transfer)

Offline Methods:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Transfer
  • Cash Collection
  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque Deposits

Please ensure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days before the intended release dates to ensure that the ad is released on time.

Answered by Upasana Ganguly
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ReleaseMyAd is an online newspaper ad booking portal through which you can book ads in any newspaper across India. To help you book your ad online by yourself, we have developed an Online Ad Booking TutorialIf you need help with the content of your matrimonial ads, please visit the matrimonial sample ads page at: //

Should you like to book your matrimonial ad in The New Indian Express, across different editions of Delhi/NCR, Lucknow and Kanpur you can choose them individually or else they are available in discounted packages. To start the booking of your ad, please visit the following page: //

You create your advert with the help of the sample ads and ad enhancements provided in the Compose Ad section, which include, ticks, background highlights, screen borders and letter emboldening, to help you highlight the ad as per your requirement. Also know that you must book the ad at least 2-3 days before you intend to release the ad through the Make Payment page, to ensure that your ad is released in time.

Matrimonial Ad for The New Indian Express Delhi
Rs.3700 /5 lines Book Now

No Package Available For This Selection.

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To review the matrimonial ad rates and discount packages for The New Indian Express, please visit the following link: // and either choose individual ad rates as per location or choose the combined discount packages.

When you choose an edition or combo package, you are directed to the 'Compose Ad' page, where you can compose your ad with the help of our enhancements and sample ads. Please do keep in mind that you must book your ad and clear your payments at least 2-3 days prior to the release dates of the ad.

Answered by Upasana Ganguly
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